Thomas M. Perrotti was born in Vineland, NJ, and graduated Vineland High School in 1977.  His parents, both now deceased, instilled in him respect for authority, love of family and the thought that, “There but for the Grace of God go I” when encountering someone less fortunate.  He has one sister, Jean.  Tom graduated Vineland High School in 1977, received his Associate of Arts Degree in 1980, from Cumberland County College, and received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Environmental Studies from Stockton State College in 1982.


Tom worked as a State Ranger from 1983-1986 in Jersey City; in 1987, he began work with the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Department.  He worked in most divisions in the department and worked on an ad hoc basis in the warrant entry team until his promotion to Sergeant, and with the United States Marshal Service fugitive recovery team.  After being promoted, Tom attended basic and advanced FBI Hostage Negotiation training, and became the lead negotiator with the department’s Crisis/Hostage Negotiator team.  He was also the Sheriff’s Department/Emergency Management liaison for 19 years, obtained training from local, state and federal agencies in Emergency Preparedness and Emergency Worker Self Protection, and trained members of various departments in the field of Emergency Management.  Tom rose through the ranks in the Sheriff’s Department to become Lieutenant and a Firearms Instructor, and was senior lieutenant in the department in 2015, when he retired.


Tom served on the Cumberland County Human Relations Commission for over 20 years, and was the Commission Chairman for two years.  During that time he had the opportunity to use his investigative skills to determine whether or not acts of racial bias occurred.


Tom married the former Margaret Ann Lapaire on July 20, 1991, and they were blessed with a son, Tommy, born on September 27, 1998.  Tom and Margie are both originally from Vineland.  Margie graduated West Chester University in Pennsylvania with a Bachelor of Science degree in Music Education.  Tom, Margie and Tommy now live in Rosenhayn, a rural community in Cumberland County, located between Vineland and Bridgeton. As a family, they attend Saint Mary’s Church, in Rosenhayn, part of the Parish of the Holy Cross.  In May, 2020, Tommy graduated from DeSales University in Pennsylvania with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Sport Management and a minor in Marketing, and in July, 2020 Margie retired from the Bridgeton School District in after 34 years of teaching.


While attending a church function in 2011, Tom saw a table promoting the Knights of Columbus, manned by now-FDDs Dan Behe and Ben Germanio.  The FDDs were promoting recently re-activated Liberty Council 1910.  Tom signed up for more information and was contacted by the Financial Secretary of Council 1910, Bob Stevens.  Tom made his First Degree in October of 2011, his Second Degree in November of 2011 and his Third Degree in December of 2011.


Tom made his Fourth Degree in October of 2012, just hours before Hurricane Sandy hit the Garden State.  Tom was a member of the Color Corps with Bishop John Carroll Assembly #654, until back problems prevented him from satisfactorily performing his duties.  Tommy, is also members of Liberty Council 1910, and a Fourth Degree Knight with Bishop John Carroll, Assembly #654, in Vineland.


Tom was elected to the position of Grand Knight of Liberty Council 1910 for the Columbian Year beginning June, 2015.  Through the dedicated efforts of the council members, they made Star Council that year.


Tom has been active with the Knights of Columbus Soccer Challenge, and is in his seventh year serving as the Camden Diocesan Chairman for the event.  Tom served as District Warden for FDD Albert Karnowski, and in 2018, was sworn in a District Deputy of District #48 in NJ by State Deputy Robert Hatler.  Present for the swearing in was Tom’s wife, Margie.


Since his retirement from paid public service, Tom has continued volunteerism with both the county and municipal Emergency Management offices near him.  He also started the Cumberland County Chapter of New Jersey Right to Life and is its current president.  Tom assists in both New Jersey and Pennsylvania Special Olympics.  His hobbies include hunting, fishing, shooting, metal detecting and amateur radio.  He has participated in Jamboree on the Air (JOTA) for several years, giving Scouts a glimpse of Amateur radio.  Tom’s amateur radio callsign is N2JIE.


Due to the hard work of the Grand Knights, Program Directors and members of the respective councils, in his first year as District Deputy, Tom’s home council, Liberty Council 1910, achieved Eight Star Council status, the second highest council in the nation.  If all goes well, in his second year as District Deputy, two of the four active councils in District 48, Liberty Council 1910 and Vineland Council 2531, will have achieved Double Star Council status, and Millville Council 1778, will have achieved Star Council status.


Tom has served as a Delegate to the Knights of Columbus New Jersey State Convention and as Alternate Delegate to the Knights of Columbus Supreme Convention.  He hopes to continue his service to our Order for many years to come.


Worthy Chapter President Thomas Perrotti, DD and his Wife Margie